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Hope Vibes

The Hope Tank Taking a warm shower. Stepping out, wrapping yourself up in a fresh towel. Getting dressed in clean clothes after brushing your teeth. Those are the little things that bring us relaxation and contentedness in our day. Some people even say that moments like these make them feel alive.  Unfortunately, not all of us have access to these basic needs that we truly believe everyone deserves. When you’re houseless, you don’t have a permanent source of clean water, soap, or clean clothes. 7 out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being houseless. With the cost of living going up but salaries staying stagnant, truly anyone can find themselves in this position.  However, no matter where someone...

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How to Get Blood Out of Sheets

Most people generally do not want to get blood on the sheets, but it happens and happens unexpectedly. Whether it involves an accident, a cut in the middle of the night (if you have a cat, you know exactly what we mean), a bloody nose, a medical condition or a recurring monthly visitor, sheets get blood on them. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to get out and can also be a bit of a shock when you wake up.  However, just like everything else, you can remove blood from both white sheets and colored sheets with the right strategy and tools. Fortunately, we know what is needed and want to share that with you. So, before you throw those stained...

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How to Get Paint Out of Clothes

Paint can lead to some beautiful artwork and a more beautiful home. Yet, painting can also wreak havoc on clothes, potentially ruining them. While you might have a specific set of painting clothes set aside for those long days with the brush and roller (which we highly recommend having), there are also those times when paint might get on clothes you didn't intend to get dirty. For those instances, we are here for you. Whatever type of fabric and paint you are dealing with, the following guide and walkthrough will help you get it out with no traces left behind. From latex paint to acrylic paint, keep reading to learn how to remove paint stains from clothing.  What Type of...

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Partner Spotlight: I Support The Girls

I Support The Girls If you’re reading this right now, chances are you know a girl, whether that’s your mom, sister, daughter, or friend that had to walk to the bathroom hiding a tampon up her sleeve or in her pocket. There is a stigma around menstrual products and undergarments that makes people embarrassed to even talk about needing them.  Can you imagine how underserved the houseless community is then? Because people don’t talk about these needs, they’re often forgotten about and don’t get donated. You can find pants, shirts, sweaters, and even shoes that are donated, but the stigma is so large that it’s nearly impossible to find a bra. Everyone is unique, so even if they do find...

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Laundry Washing Symbols

Getting the most from your clothing requires good laundry practices, but that means you have to actually know best laundry practices. While we are committed to helping you with that and providing you with the best detergent possible, there's more to it. There are half a dozen cycle types or more on the modern washing machine or dryer. Furthermore, on the tags on your clothing, you are likely to see many other shapes, dots and lines that can sometimes defy explanation.   The washing symbols are great if you need to check at a glance what to do, and they save clothing from having larger tags, but what if they just look like gibberish to you? We have to admit, most...

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