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How to Remove Mildew Smell From Clothes

There's nothing better than grabbing a towel, a set of sheets or a shirt, putting it up to your face and taking a whiff of that freshly laundered smell. It’s almost like taking in a breath of fresh air. But on the flip side, there's nothing worse than grabbing something you think is clean and getting a noseful of musty...

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10 Reasons You Should Never Use Homemade Laundry Detergent

Shutterstock/New Africa Among the many crazes and trends that have popped up online, many swear by homemade cleaners and products, including homemade laundry detergent. This is great, and in many cases, we encourage it. Making your own cleaning products can help you save money and lessen your impact on the environment, but it is not always a wise idea. Often...

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Do You Have to Separate Laundry?

Shutterstock/EnriqueDCorral Laundry can be an arduous task, especially if you change outfits a lot, and this is compounded if you have multiple people in the house, especially kids. Even if we don't think about it often, people go through a lot of clothes, and clothes can get dirty pretty quickly, with most of us preferring not to wear clothes more...

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How Often Should You Wash Your Clothes?

Washing your clothes can be a bit of a chore (though it can be made much easier), and it's just another part of a usually busy day, especially if you have a lot to do. Yet if you put a bit more thought into it, you might find there is more you can do to help your clothes stay clean...

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How to Dry Clean at Home

Source: ivan_kislitsin/Shutterstock At first glance, dry cleaning doesn't seem that bad. All you have to do is take clothes to the cleaners, drop them off and then wait for them to be ready. What could be easier than that? Well, as anyone who has to dry clean their clothes frequently or owns lots of dry clean only clothes knows, it's...

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How to Iron Your Shirt Perfectly Every Single Time

  Source: Ground Picture/Shutterstock In many situations, a well-ironed dress shirt makes a clear difference in creating a stylish, professional look. If you have one, you can feel more confident, more professional and worry less about wrinkles and looking off throughout the day. It especially makes a difference if you are also going to be around other people who have...

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