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The Kindness Closet

The Kindness Closet The average American family does about 300-400 loads of laundry every year; we know that sounds like a lot but it’s true! This means they’re also spending about $200-$600 on laundry detergent!!! This is a good chunk of rent or mortgage payment, JUST going to detergent! Unfortunately for the almost 40 million people in the U.S. that live in poverty, government assistance programs (like SNAP) don't cover hygiene products like laundry detergent. We sure didn't know this when we first started our Buy One, Give Ten program. But then we started talking to community organizations like Kindness Closet. “It's always weighed heavily on me that families can't afford laundry detergent and, therefore, really struggle to keep clean. Along with...

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The Red Wagon Soap

The Red Wagon Soap And The World's Youngest Eco Hero One day, nine-year-old Hannah, the world’s youngest eco hero, went on a trip to a beach. It was supposed to be an exciting day for her and her family, but what she saw there wasn't at all what she was expecting... Rather than a beautiful sandy beach with sparkling shells, there was plastic littered everywhere. Hannah went home and wondered what she could do. She learned that only 9% of all plastics get recycled. When she saw plastic pile up in her house, Hannah knew there had to be another way. Then she remembered her role model, Jane Addams, who fought not only for social reforms in the early 1900s...

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Pups Saved Before The Cold Winter.

Pups Saved Before The Cold Winter The Stray Rescue of St. Louis WOW! The support of the Earth Breeze community has helped rescue a mama pup and her babies right before the cold winter months! When you make a purchase with Earth Breeze, you get to choose a donation category to support some of our incredible partners who work tirelessly to make a difference. Stay tuned as we continue to share stories about our various partners who are changing the world with our Earth Breeze community! Stray Rescue was started by Randy Grimm who rescued dogs off of the streets and housed them in his’ and his friend’s backyards until they could find their forever home.  Then one day, Randy rescued...

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You Helped Plant 3,200 Trees

With your support, Earth Breeze helped plant 3,200 trees. Keep reading! This is why it matters!  Did you know? Shea Trees are incredible trees grown for food, shelter and can also be used to create shea butter and oils. However, there are only 21 countries that grow Shea trees, and Ghana is one of them.  In Ghana, the Bamboi community relies on shea trees, but they have greatly suffered due to illegal logging for fuel. Shea butter has been lovingly nicknamed “women’s gold” because of the incredible impact it can have. When women are empowered and become entrepreneurs, entire communities benefit. This success increases access to clean water and food, child care, hygiene, improves the local economy, and so much...

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