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Partner Feature: KC Footprints

KC Footprints

Our U.S. Veterans have worked hard and put their lives on the line for a cause they believe in and to protect their loved ones.

Unfortunately, upon returning home, many Veterans struggle with navigating and accessing resources to help them return to civilian life.

This could be as simple as just living too far away from a VA Hospital to get help or not qualifying for their income-based programs.

Wayne D. Wight, a Vietnam Veteran, saw how veterans often struggled to get help, whether that was medical help or support on readjusting back into society.

In 2001, he partnered with the VA Hospital in Kansas City to set up a program to help Veterans get the support they need to heal, find stability and support in their communities.

KC Footprints helps Veterans by offering them housing near the VA hospital while seeking treatment.

KC Footprints supports the Veterans who come through their doors with compassion and work to build trust with every individual. 

The KC Footprints program provides Veterans with food, clothing, internet access, and access to various support programs such as housing, outpatient recovery groups, and skills training that teach technical skills to help with job searches.

Counselors take the time to understand each individual and help them navigate through housing, any debt they might have, and overcome each challenge they face.

Many of the Veterans that come to KC Footprints have been houseless for a long time and struggled with a lack of resources and support after their time in the military.

They may have medical issues like chronic pain, PTSD, amputations, or limited range of motion that make it difficult to work or figure out how the current housing system works after adjusting back into civilian life.

There was a World War II Veteran that lived in an apartment for his whole life after leaving the military…

But when he was kicked out, he had no idea how the current housing system worked anymore.

He started walking around and taping notes to peoples’ doors, asking them if they had a room for rent.

Another Veteran was living in his old house after retiring from the military.

But the house had fallen into such a state of disrepair that the roof was falling in around him…

He had nowhere else to go.

During one of his visits to the VA Hospital, he was referred to KC Footprints. They were able to help give him a place to stay while his home was being repaired.

KC Footprints helped him understand his finances and work with home insurance, and now he’s living in his home again.

After years in the military, entering the workforce after returning home can be daunting for some Veterans, and they are uncertain of where to start.

Veterans that have been houseless since retiring from the military have even more barriers.

They have no permanent place to sleep, change clothing, cook or get food, or even store their belongings.

For years they may not have had access to basic hygiene needs…

Unable to bathe or wash their clothes.

KC Footprints provides them with this fresh start that empowers the Veterans to turn over a new leaf.

We are overjoyed to be able to support KC Footprints in helping veterans regain their confidence and get the help that they unmistakably deserve with our Eco Sheets.

The Veterans can finally wear clean clothes, sleep in a clean bed, wash their hair, brush their teeth, and do all of the things we forget how lucky we are to be able to do every day.

Houseless people come from all walks of life; however, it is essential never to forget that they are a part of our community.

Everyone deserves compassion, a place to rest and wash away the day's troubles, and a helping hand in times of need.

Eco Hero, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of this community that truly sees every single individual…

And for helping us support our partners, like KC Footprints, that are working on creating a home within the community for everyone on our beautiful planet.