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The Red Wagon Soap

The Red Wagon Soap

And The World's Youngest Eco Hero

One day, nine-year-old Hannah, the world’s youngest eco hero, went on a trip to a beach. It was supposed to be an exciting day for her and her family, but what she saw there wasn't at all what she was expecting...

Rather than a beautiful sandy beach with sparkling shells, there was plastic littered everywhere.

Hannah went home and wondered what she could do. She learned that only 9% of all plastics get recycled. When she saw plastic pile up in her house, Hannah knew there had to be another way.

Then she remembered her role model, Jane Addams, who fought not only for social reforms in the early 1900s but also environmental reforms, changing the world for the better. Hannah wanted to do something that was going to help the entire planet.

She started by helping her family switch away from single-use plastics, like laundry jugs!

Hannah’s family started using Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets and other eco-conscious products.

Once Hannah saw how easy it was for her family to change, she wanted to help the rest of her community. But most people didn’t know that there was even another option, let alone how to get them.

So Hannah asked her mom if she could start doing more chores around the house to save up money. 

Little by little, she saved enough for a little red wagon. With this fierce ambition and passion, Red Wagon Soap was born! Hannah was not only an environmental activist but also an entrepreneur! 

Hannah walks ten miles every single week, hand-delivering eco-conscious cleaning solutions to her entire community.

Her customers can place orders online and even schedule deliveries! Hannah then will walk the order to their home and even offers refills for some of the products.

This 6th grader is proof that there is no such thing as being too young or too old or too late, or even not enough to make a difference—every small act matters. 

Hannah’s passion for the environment has inspired her entire community, and now other local kids are starting to help out! 

Her neighbors have been blown away by the eco-conscious alternatives Hannah introduced to them and how well they clean. They’ve even started sending their other family members some Eco Sheets! 

This small act has turned into a ripple effect that will continue to change the world.

It can take anywhere from 500 to 1000 years for a plastic laundry jug to decompose. The jugs that our parents used are still around on our planet today. We must make the change so that Hannah’s generation and the generations that come after are not burdened with our waste.

They deserve to go to the beach and be breathtaken by the beauty of sparkling waters, toasty sand, colorful shells, and the distant sounds of seagulls. Let us heal our planet and make it into something we are proud to pass on to the next generation.

Hannah and her friends are already fighting for this cleaner tomorrow, although they were not the ones who created the plastic waste. Let us take inspiration and help fight for their futures every day! 

Hannah’s dream is to become an environmental scientist when she grows up. She has inspired us so much, so we want to help her. So for the next month, every pack of Eco Sheets sold will save a dollar towards a college fund we are building for Hannah!

Your next laundry day can have an incredible impact on both Hannah's future and the future of our planet, will you help?

Use this link to make Hannah’s dream of helping our planet come true: ​​