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You Helped Plant 3,200 Trees

With your support, Earth Breeze helped plant 3,200 trees. Keep reading! This is why it matters! 

Did you know? Shea Trees are incredible trees grown for food, shelter and can also be used to create shea butter and oils. However, there are only 21 countries that grow Shea trees, and Ghana is one of them. 

In Ghana, the Bamboi community relies on shea trees, but they have greatly suffered due to illegal logging for fuel.

Shea butter has been lovingly nicknamed “women’s gold” because of the incredible impact it can have.

When women are empowered and become entrepreneurs, entire communities benefit. This success increases access to clean water and food, child care, hygiene, improves the local economy, and so much more.

We partnered with BamCashea, an Oregon-based non-profit, working to restore shea trees to Bamboi, prevent desertification and empower women with natural resources to create financial independence for them, all thanks to you!

BamCashea strives to elevate the value of human and natural resources by developing agricultural industries where women, farmers, and the environment can thrive. This work is essential to help communities like Bamboi flourish, especially when shea trees take 15 years to grow. 

The women of Bamboi must diligently work for 27 hours to produce about 28 kilograms of butter from a single bag of shea nuts. Now they will have access to more resources to help support their community and families.

Through the amazing support of the Earth Breeze community, we have been able to help BamCashea reforest fifty acres with over 3,200 shea, mahogany, and dawadawa trees

Once Earth Breeze donated the saplings, the Norntoma Women’s Cooperative and local volunteers spent two weeks clearing and plowing the soil to plant the saplings.

The women of Bamboi will harvest the seeds and create luscious shea butter they can then sell. These trees will improve the standard of living for many generations to come. 

Thanks to your support, Earth Breeze was also able to donate three thousand loads of detergent to the Bamboi community. 

So, the next time you do laundry with one of your Eco Sheets…

Remember, not only are you helping keep plastic out of landfills and oceans…

You’re also helping restore the natural environment…

Protecting entire communities and their livelihoods…

Fighting climate change with so many new trees…

And making sure that clean, eco-conscious laundry is possible for people all over the world.

Thank you, you truly are an Eco Hero! 💚 💙