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30 Million Loads

Today we celebrate over 30 Million loads of laundry detergent donated to those in need through our Buy One, Give Ten Program!  It is thanks to YOU and your incredible support that we hit this milestone. Thank you for choosing loving kindness every time you do your laundry; YOU are making a difference.

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2,500 Trees Planted

This summer, our team planted 2,500 trees in the Philippines along now one of the most scenic routes in the country, Daang Kalikasan. Daang Kalikasan was once used by illegal loggers to transport trees they cut down through the mountains.

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17 Million Loads

Celebrating 17 Million Loads Donated Together Today marks an incredible day, Eco Hero! Together we have donated 17 MILLION loads of laundry detergent Eco Sheets!  In the Fall of 2020 Earth Breeze launched the Buy One, Give Ten program. The program donates ten loads of laundry detergent Eco Sheets to those in need every time you buy a pack of...

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Hope Vibes

The Hope Tank Taking a warm shower. Stepping out, wrapping yourself up in a fresh towel. Getting dressed in clean clothes after brushing your teeth. Those are the little things that bring us relaxation and contentedness in our day. Some people even say that moments like these make them feel alive.  Unfortunately, not all of us have access to these...

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Partner Spotlight: I Support The Girls

I Support The Girls If you’re reading this right now, chances are you know a girl, whether that’s your mom, sister, daughter, or friend that had to walk to the bathroom hiding a tampon up her sleeve or in her pocket. There is a stigma around menstrual products and undergarments that makes people embarrassed to even talk about needing them. ...

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Partner Feature: KC Footprints

One of our partners in our Buy One, Give Ten, donation program is KC Footprints. Their mission is to help veterans have access to food, housing, clean clothes, and counselors while they seek treatment from the VA hospital. We want to share their stroy and how your Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets help.

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