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5 Reasons Why Dog Lovers Are Switching To This Laundry Detergent In 2024

Summary: Did you know that on average 3.1 MILLION dogs are placed in shelters every single year? Unfortunately this leads to about 390,000 dogs being euthanized annually. 

These numbers continue to increase because many community dog shelters are overcrowded and understaffed. That means a large number of dogs are being neglected, especially when it comes to having essentials like fresh food, regular bathing and clean laundry!

We all know dog lovers are among some of the most caring and conscious folks around, and not only do they love their own pups, they also love knowing sheltered dogs are being taken care of properly.

So it’s no surprise that the majority of them absolutely adore this revolutionary pet friendly laundry detergent and its company called Earth Breeze who is working to help local shelters around the nation…

1. Dog shelters need our help!

Countless local dog shelters struggle and need our help. They don't have the funding and resources they need. 

They rely on people like us, and while it sounds strange, this laundry detergent company called Earth Breeze has come up with a wonderful way to help...

2. This detergent helps shelters in need...

This company not only makes environmentally friendly laundry products, but they also make it their mission to help local communities as much as possible.

Every time you buy Earth Breeze, they donate 10 FREE washes to a charitable category of your choice. Simply choose Animal Care at checkout and know that a local shelter in need will be helped on your behalf.

3. It's much quicker and more convenient to use

Earth Breeze has developed a completely liquidless laundry detergent sheet that eliminates those bulky plastic jugs, puts an end to those unfortunate laundry detergent spills and makes your entire laundry routine much easier, quicker and convenient.

Imagine if you could just toss a detergent sheet in with all your pups dirty blankets, toys and bedding and press start instead of having to open up that plastic jug, measure out some messy goo and hope it ends up where it’s supposed to, now you can.

4. Their subscription makes perfect sense

Just like all your other favorite things in life, Earth Breeze revolutionized the way you get laundry detergent with their simple subscription service.

And the best part, you can easily schedule when Earth Breeze delivers your detergent sheets, and you can cancel your subscription without any hidden fees!

5. Simply put, IT WORKS!

There’s a reason why over 1,000,000 Americans have made the switch to Earth Breeze laundry detergent sheets, they work very well.

They dissolve in hot or cold water with no issues, they’re compatible with all washing machines (even HE), they tackle tough stains and odors and deliver a powerful clean you would expect from your laundry detergent.

Now you and your pets can enjoy fresh clean laundry that is cruelty-free, sensitive on skin, hypoallergenic and easy for anyone to use!

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