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Do You Have Sensitive Skin? Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Switch To This Laundry Detergent…

Summary: Did you know that most traditional liquid laundry detergents can contain harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, dyes and other ingredients that are known to cause skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin?

Don’t worry, there’s an awesome company called Earth Breeze that is on a mission to fight this problem once and for all!

They have developed a liquidless laundry detergent sheet that combats everything I just mentioned, and here are 6 reasons why MILLIONS of people just like you have already made the switch…

1. Earth Breeze sheets are paraben-free

Over the last decade, research shows that liquid detergents containing parabens have been known to cause health problems, specifically skin irritation issues. 

These detergent sheets are free from parabens as well as bleach, dyes, and phthalates so you can rest assured knowing that Earth Breeze is gentle on your skin.

2. They offer a REAL fragrance free option

We’ve all seen those liquid detergents that claim to be “fragrance free”, but did you know that even those options can still be loaded with skin irritants?

Try reading the ingredient list on your current detergent bottle, I was blown away by how long the list was on mine.

Earth Breeze Fragrance Free offers a true fragrance free detergent sheet with 9 simple ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin.

3. These sheets are Dermatologist tested

Earth Breeze is so confident that their detergent sheets are safe for sensitive skin that they had them dermatologist tested.

These laundry sheets pass with flying colors and can help fight itchy, flaky skin. It’s time to say goodbye to those annoying red patches and rashes.

4. Earth Breeze detergent is Hypoallergenic

This is a HUGE bonus, not only for those of us with sensitive skin, but for everyone who suffers from annoying allergies.

It doesn’t matter if it’s seasonal or year round, common allergies are enough to deal with, you shouldn't have to worry about your laundry detergent making things worse. 

Earth Breeze guarantees their detergents are hypoallergenic and will mitigate allergic reactions that those traditional detergents might cause.

5. Their subscription makes perfect sense

Just like all your other favorite things in life, Earth Breeze has revolutionized the way you get laundry detergent with their simple subscription service. You’ll never have to worry about lugging one of those big plastic jugs home from the store or running out of detergent again.

And the best part, you can easily schedule when Earth Breeze delivers your detergent sheets, and if you want to take a break, you can cancel, pause, or adjust your subscription at any time without any hidden fees!

6. Earth Breeze WORKS!

There’s a reason why over 1,000,000 Americans have made the switch to Earth Breeze laundry detergent sheets, they work very well. 

They dissolve in hot or cold water with no issues, they’re compatible with all washing machines (even high-efficiency machines), they tackle tough stains and odors and deliver a powerful clean you would expect from your laundry detergent. 

So why not make the switch to a paraben-free, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic laundry detergent sheet that’s easy for everyone to use?

You can save 40% right now by subscribing to Earth Breeze and be on your way to smooth healthy skin in no time at all!

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