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8 Reasons Why Eco Sheets Are Going Viral

Here's why people are voting with their dollar and no longer supporting corporations who harm our beautiful planet.


Your Current Detergent is Destroying the Planet.

Over 700,000,000 plastic jugs are wasted into landfills and oceans each year. That is enough plastic to be the size of 5 statues of liberty! Think about our poor ecosystems!


100% Biodegradable Packaging.

This compostable packaging will return to its organic components in 3 months average. 



Plastic comes from oil which destroys the ecosystem in order to obtain it. It is then processed into plastic which over 90% isn't actually recycled! When it is recycled, it cannot fully be reproduced into other plastic items. Only fractions of the plastic are reusable. It is time to cut plastic from our lives and use new solutions. We can't deny the impact any longer.


A Confident Clean.

We know what you are thinking. Does it clean as well as my old detergent? YES, it does. Our customers tell us it cleans even better than the leading brands. We even offer a 100% guaranteed, that is how confident we are.


Easy to use.

No longer do you need to measure or spill your liquid detergent. Simply add this little sheet in with your laundry or into the drawer depending on your machine. Yes, HE included. Hot or cold the strip will dissolve. This means you can wash with cold water to save energy.


Deliveries Right To Your Door.

Don't worry about lugging home heavy containers. We have a subscription option so you may conveniently receive orders delivered to your home. Earth Breeze goes the extra mile and offers free shipping on all orders. 


90% Less Carbon Emissions.

Our package is extremely light weight and small in size. Traditional detergent is massive in size and requires a lot of fuel to transport it. They fill it with up to 90% water which adds additional weight and wastes water. By switching to Earth Breeze you are essentially helping take 30 million cars off the road.


Sensitive Skin Approved.

Our product has been carefully cultivated to work for even the most sensitive skin. We also offer a fragrance free option for anyone who may be sensitive to scents. 

Please stop using plastic. There is no reason to.

We have provided the solution. Now it is time for you to join the plastic free movement. Let's change the world together.