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Why You Should Remove Clothes From The Dryer As Soon As It's Done
EXPOSED: 700 million laundry detergent jugs get thrown away every single year!

I love my dog, but dealing with dog hair in laundry is never fun. Luckily, I know a friend that works at the animal shelter, she helped me save my favourite jacket.

Let me tell you the story.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and I was getting ready to go out for a walk with my dog, Max. As I was putting on my favorite black jacket, I noticed that it was covered in dog hair. I tried to brush it off, but it seemed like the hair was clinging to the fabric for dear life.

I didn't have time to change my outfit, so I decided to wear the jacket anyway and deal with the consequences later. Little did I know, this was a big mistake.

After the walk, I threw the jacket in the laundry basket and forgot about it. The next day, when I was doing my laundry, I realized that the jacket was covered in even more dog hair than before. I tried to shake it off, but it seemed like the hair was everywhere - on the sleeves, the collar, even the pockets.

I didn't want to ruin my jacket by washing it with all that hair, so I called my friend who works at an animal shelter for advice. She deals with a lot of dog hair on a daily basis, so I knew she would have some good tips.

Here's what she told me:

"First of all, never wash clothes covered in dog hair without removing as much hair as possible beforehand. The hair can clog up your washing machine and damage the fabric. Instead, use a lint roller or a piece of duct tape to pick up as much hair as you can before washing."

I followed her advice and used a lint roller to remove as much hair as possible from my jacket. It worked surprisingly well - the roller picked up almost all the hair!

But my friend had more advice to give:

"Next, make sure to wash your clothes in cold water. Hot water can cause the hair to cling to the fabric even more. And use a gentle cycle if you can, to minimize damage to the fabric."

I took her advice and washed the jacket in cold water on a gentle cycle. I also added a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle, as my friend suggested. She said it would help loosen any remaining hair and prevent it from clinging to the fabric.

When the cycle was done, I was amazed - the jacket looked almost brand new! There was no sign of dog hair anywhere, and the fabric was soft and clean.

But that was not the only tip I got from my friend, she also asked me what laundry detergent I use, after telling her that I use liquid laundry detergent she said “That’s probably the worst laundry detergent you can use, it’s outdated, inconvenient and just a big hassle, let me show you something that we use at the animal shelter that will change your life”

She ended up showing me something so genius, that I immediately ditched my old detergent!

But before that, she exposed the shocking truth behind traditional laundry detergents.
Every single plastic jug is a potential hazard for marine life and recycling isn’t stopping it

When you see a picture of a sea turtle eating a plastic jug the first thought that comes to mind is “why are people not recycling, it’s so easy!”

If you’re like many mindful people, you probably put your laundry detergent jug in the recycling bin every time, but what really happens with those jugs?

You probably think it gets recycled and reused... But we've all been lied to.

The very jugs that we thought we recycled, are wreaking havoc on our planet right now.

Plastic companies have spent millions of dollars on advertisements tricking us into thinking plastic recycling is effective. 
The truth?

Laundry detergent can stain plastic making it NON-recyclable.

Most of it gets shipped to developing countries and ends up in landfills or the ocean!
Now Imagine 7 Billion people using plastic laundry jugs every single day, the result is horrifying.
We only have one chance at protecting our beautiful planet, we can’t afford to miss it!

You know that big, colorful plastic laundry detergent jug you buy?
They can be up to 90% water!

We have to ask ourselves, why are they selling us such a wasteful product, what could explain the sheer carelessness for the environment, there has to be a logical reason for it, right?

Well, it’s called profit.

They don’t really care about the great garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean, that is by the way 3 times the size of France.

But you know what they care about?

Shelf space, they want you to see their big colorful jug and buy it – by any means necessary.
They will shamelessly do ANYTHING to make you buy something that is mostly water, plastic and unnecessary chemicals.
Imagine you got laundry detergent on your skin... would you leave it there? Or wash it off?

If you left it, imagine how itchy and irritated your skin would get.
Do you know why that is?

Most laundry detergents can contain harsh chemicals and optical brighteners that trick your eyes into thinking your clothes are clean.

If you haven’t heard of optical brighteners, those chemicals have no real purpose in your detergent except for making your laundry “appear” brighter…

And These chemicals can end up stuck in your clothes, irritating your skin. Do you really want that sitting on your skin all day?
My friend showed me the simple solution for this, and it will shock you!
If you are still using heavy, bulky, plastic, chemical filled laundry detergent... there is a better way!

What if I told you, that there’s a much easier way to do laundry?

What if that way was better for our planet and the animals...

...and super gentle on your skin?

There is a new innovation, a possible solution for all of these problems stated above, and it's taking over the detergent industry.
People Are Freaking Out Over This New Laundry Detergent Innovation...

Imagine if you removed all the liquid, removed the plastic, used only powerful plant-based cleaning ingredients... wouldn't that be better?

A powerful clean with no plastic waste, what would that look like?

The answer is - liquidless laundry detergent sheets.

What are Eco Sheets ?

Earth Breeze Eco Sheets are liquidless detergent sheets that easily dissolve in hot or cold water to provide you a powerful clean.

Powerful Clean

Thousands of people have already switched to Earth Breeze. Why? Because it's super concentrated and will remove the toughest stains. Read through the thousands of reviews below from customers testing the cleaning power.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Earth Breeze comes in an earth friendly cardboard package instead of a wasteful plastic jug! Cardboard is much more sustainable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly than plastic. Plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose.

Save SO Much Space

We all know how messy and bulky old-fashioned detergent is... Earth Breeze packaging is very lightweight and compact. You can free up a ton of space in your laundry room. What will you do with all that extra room?

These sheets dissolve easily in hot or cold water. 

And they work in all machines, HE included!

The Packaging is 100% Biodegradable. 

Earth Breeze packages with 100% biodegradable cardboard and ink. This means our packaging will biodegrade in about 3 months depending on the environment. 

You Can Save SO Much Space!

Earth Breeze packaging is very lightweight and compact. You can free up a ton of space in your laundry room. What will you do with all that extra room? 

Removes The Toughest Stains

It may be shocking to know Eco Sheets deliver such a powerful clean. Why? Because it's super concentrated and will remove the toughest stains. 

Earth Breeze Delivers These Eco-Friendly Sheets To Your Door

You can easily schedule when Earth Breeze delivers your eco-friendly Sheets, and you can cancel your subscription any time.

For Every New Subscription Earth Breeze Donates 10 Loads To People In Need

For every package purchased Earth Breeze will donate 10 loads of detergent to nonprofits and charitable organizations. 

So How Big Is The Difference Really?

To put it simply - the difference is huge... There is no chance you will ever want to switch back to old fashioned detergent!
Save Space.
Save Money.
Save Our Planet.
Old Fashioned
Works in all machines (incl. HE)?
Compact, biodegradable packaging?
Free of parabens, phthalates, phosphates, bleach, and dyes?
Donates 10 loads to charity per order?
Kind to sensitive skin?
Safe with septic and greywater?
Lightweight and compact?
Save money and time by subscribing?
90% Water.

Where Can I Get The Earth Breeze Liquidless Detergent Sheets?

Earth Breeze is only selling online right now, but there's a great perk that comes with that - no more carrying heavy detergent jugs! 

And on top of that, you can try it Risk Free! That's right, if you for whatever reason don't like Earth Breeze you will get a full refund AND you get to keep your eco-sheets! 

You can check the availability below.

Try Earth Breeze RISK FREE! Donʼt like it? Get a 100% refund. No questions.
This limited time deal is in high demand and stock keeps selling out.
What are consumers saying?
"I used Tide for 25 years. These work better, getting old stains out. My laundry is brighter. I will never go back!!!! 
"Love these laundry sheets and would highly recommend them 😁"
"These do a fantastic job. Perfect for everyone and you don't have to lug around heavy detergent bottles or worry about the bottles spilling and there is NO WASTE!"
"I have been using Earth Breeze for a while And I love it! Takes up so much less room in my laundry area cleans My clothes just as well as anything I have used before. I do use dryer balls but the clothes come out soft anyway. I'll never go back to liquid"
"I've had mine for about 1 week - no complaints so far. One advantage not noted: these are great for old citizens who can't lift heavy bottles of liquid detergent."
Zero smell or allergy
My youngest son has very sensitive skin. We tried the top 5 detergents, every single one of them makes him itchy for weeks. He breaks out and it is awful to see. His eye lids have nearly swelled shut before. Well, never again now that we have Earth Breeze.
Kay A.
Best choice I’ve made is switching to eco sheets. I was worried about my baby’s sensitive skin and we’ve had no issues at all.
It's amazing how great Earth Breeze is for sensitive skin. My son's allergies are essentially healed. Plus, my husbands disgusting socks are still clean. All around this has saved my family. I will never use another detergent.
Even gets the washing machine clean
My washing machine started to develop a funky, rotting smell. The area around the door would get mildew. The machine would stink, which would then transfer to our clothing.
Jared T.
My clothes smell amazing, I am happy that I was able to get rid of plastic. My machine smells better too and is spotless.
I used to put vinegar in the wash to try to get rid of the mildew. It worked, but it was a constant battle and the mildew often won. Not after I started using Earth Breeze. My clothes are not only spotless without any kind of smell, but the washing machine is clean and odor-free too. Which brings me to my final point.
Plastic-Free Packaging
Sensitive on Skin
Powerful Clean
We Stand By Our Product 100%
If you do not absolutely love Earth Breeze for any reason, simply email us and we will refund you.
Save the planet and experience a powerful clean. Make a difference today.
Now that you have been informed with the world's best eco friendly detergent. Let me tell you how easy it is to use. All you need to do is follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Order your Earth Breeze today and make sure to subscribe to save 40%.

Step 2: After receiving the product, place the detergent sheet in with the clothing. It will easily dissolve in hot or cold water

Step 3: Save the planet, donate detergent, and feel positive every time you do laundry.

Here's a tip: Know anyone who needs this product? I gifted it to 5 people already and they loved it. Everyone needs laundry detergent, so you can't go wrong.


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