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"I turned a chore into an act of kindness by switching to this laundry detergent!"

If you do your laundry like all of us, then you can help animal care shelters across all of the USA. Here’s how:

"Note: You will probably never use traditional laundry detergent again!"

Have you ever wondered how many lost and stray animals have to enter care shelters every single year in the USA?

The number might shock you, Approximately 6.3 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year.

Needless to say this is a huge number, and If you have pets like me, you definitely want these animal care shelters to keep working and making sure animals get rescued and adopted. However, that’s easier said than done. Each year, 920,000 adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States, simply because animal shelters can’t afford to keep them.

The main issue that animal shelters are facing is the amount of money that is being brought into the shelter through funding and donations, compared to the cost of maintaining the shelter. Unfortunately, the amount of money coming in is not equivalent the amount it takes to run the shelter.

And you might ask yourself now, “okay, but why are you telling me this?”

Well, this is personal for me, because my beautiful rescue cat (named Jack) almost died in one of these shelters, and I want to share this story with you, how I saved my cat and how I’m now helping animal shelters by doing my laundry!

I know… This sounds confusing, but let me start with my cat Jack.

This is Jack:

He’s a rescue cat, I adopted him when he was just a little kitten and he’s still very young (2 years old). And one thing Jack really loves is trouble.

To make a long story short, he escaped one day and I couldn't find him anywhere.

I walked around the neighbourhood, drove around, asked people if they had seen him - but no Jack to be found.

So I did what anyone would do in the 21st century, I made some social media posts and got my friends to share and get the word out that Jack is missing.

After 12 days I got a message from a lady on facebook, she told me that Jack is in a animal care shelter not so far away from where I live. I jumped into my car and headed down to the shelter, and there was my Jack! I was happy, he was happy, the lady that worked there was happy, we all were happy. 

But I don't want to think about what could have happened if i was a month late, or what's going to happen to those beautiful cats in the shelter if no one adopts them!

So that in short is how I found my cat, but I know you still want to know how I’m helping animal shelters nationwide by doing my laundry, well that has to do with one of the amazing ladies that worked at the animal shelter, let’s call her Susan.

I talked to Susan after I found my cat, and I could tell she really loves to see pets get reunited with their owners, after all that’s a huge part of what animal shelters do, but me and Susan ended up having a talk about the not so fun reality of animal shelters.

She told me how they have to put down so many beautiful dogs and cats every single year because they simply don’t have the resources, and the only way they are still standing is because of donations.

I asked her “Susan, I really want to help, but I don’t know how, what can I do?” She told me “Well, do you do laundry?” with a smile on her face…

“Obviously I do” I replied, because come on, what kind of question is that, we all do laundry! And she said “Exactly, all of us do laundry, there’s 328 Million people in the USA and we all need clean clothes”.

“But what does that have to do with helping animal shelters?” I asked. Susan went to the back to get something, she came back and showed me some weird sheet and said "If you do your laundry with this, you will be helping animal shelters all across the USA!".

Wait, what?

She told me how this tiny sheet gets all of her clothes clean, including the clothes that they wash at the shelter AND It's directly helping animal shelters with donations!

All of this sounded too good to be true, the sheet alone doesn't look like It can do much for my laundry, let alone help animal shelters, but I wanted to find out more so I went online and did my own research.

After finding the company online (Earth Breeze) I read through their policies and where they donate, and I was surprised to find a pretty long list of animal shelters!

They are currently supporting 20 animal shelters with their Buy One Give Ten, meaning for every package of this liquidless detergent sold they donate ten loads to one of their charity partners, they even let you choose between a few different charities (I choose animal shelters this time). 

They even send you emails of how your donations are helping and they have heartwarming content on their site, I will just post one picture for reference.

So far, I'm impressed, I get to help these amazing organizations just by doing my laundry! I turned a usually boring chore, into something meaningful, and every time I do my laundry now I just get this warm feeling of contributing to something. But one questions remained: "How good is their eco-friendly liquidless laundry detergent?"

I Subscribed To Earth Breeze And This Is What Happened

When I found the Earth Breeze Liquidless Sheets online I thought "Okay, where can I find this thing in stores?"

But after spending some time on the site I figured out why they're online - they offer a subscription.

I'm not really used to subscriptions, especially not laundry detergent subscription but I did some research on the site and I found that they offer a 100% money back guarantee and you can cancel your subscription with no hidden contracts - "Okay then" I thought, and placed my first order.

They shipped really fast from Oregon, they offset their carbon footprint - these guys put in the effort! I also received a beautiful email about how my order is gonna impact the world and where they are gonna donate the 10 loads as promised - sweet!

The order arrived, I got 60 loads and they did their job perfectly! I ordered the version with scent and I can confidently say they work great for me.

I attached some of the benefits below so you can find out more about the effectiveness of those amazing liquidless sheets.

What are Eco Sheets ?

Earth Breeze Eco Sheets are liquidless detergent sheets that easily dissolve in hot or cold water to provide you a powerful clean.

Powerful Clean

Thousands of people have already switched to Earth Breeze. Why? Because it's super concentrated. Read through the thousands of reviews below from customers testing the cleaning power.

Cardboard Packaging

Earth Breeze comes in an earth friendly cardboard package instead of a wasteful plastic jug! Cardboard is much more sustainable, and eco-friendly. Plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose.

Save SO Much Space

We all know how messy and bulky traditional detergent is... Earth Breeze packaging is very lightweight and compact. You can free up a ton of space in your laundry room. What will you do with all that extra room?

Final Thoughts
This all started with me losing my kitty, and it ended with me helping animal shelters by doing a chore that I do anyway.

I ended up falling in love with the product even though I first only ordered it to help out some animal shelters, but now I see the bigger picture of this companies vision: they are helping animals, people and their biggest goal is to keep our beautiful planet green by ditching the unnecessary plastic that almost all big laundry detergent companies use!

I'm definitely staying subscribed, and if you wish to check them out, there's a link below where you can see if you can still get the subscription.

These sheets dissolve easily in hot or cold water. 

And they work in all machines, HE included!

The Packaging is 100% Biodegradable. 

Earth Breeze packages with 100% biodegradable cardboard and ink. This means our packaging will biodegrade in about 3 months depending on the environment. 

You Can Save SO Much Space!

Earth Breeze packaging is very lightweight and compact. You can free up a ton of space in your laundry room. What will you do with all that extra room? 

Removes The Toughest Stains

It may be shocking to know Eco Sheets deliver such a powerful clean. Why? Because it's super concentrated and will remove the toughest stains. 

Where Can I Get The Earth Breeze Liquidless Detergent Sheets?

Earth Breeze is only selling online right now, but there's a great perk that comes with that - no more carrying heavy detergent jugs! 

And on top of that, you can try it Risk Free! That's right, if you for whatever reason don't like Earth Breeze you will get a full refund AND you get to keep your eco-sheets! 

You can check the availability below.

So How Big Is The Difference Really?

To put it simply - the difference is huge... There is no chance you will ever want to switch back to traditional detergent!
Save Space.
Save Money.
Save Our Planet.
Works in all machines (incl. HE)?
Compact cardboard packaging?
Avoids plastic jug?
Lightweight and compact?
Free of parabens, phthalates, phosphates, bleach, and dyes?
Donates 10 loads to charity per order?
Dermatologist tested?
Save money and time by subscribing?
First Ingredient Water.

Try Earth Breeze RISK FREE! Donʼt like it? Get a 100% refund. No questions.
Subscribe and get 40% Off.
Donʼt like it? Get a 100% refund. No questions asked.
What are consumers saying?
I am so happy that I came across earthbreeze. I have used my entire first shipment and I cannot wait for the next order to arrive. What a brilliant idea.
"Love these laundry sheets and would highly recommend them 😁"
"These do a fantastic job. Perfect for everyone and you don't have to lug around heavy detergent bottles or worry about the bottles spilling and there is NO WASTE!"
"I have been using Earth Breeze for a while And I love it! Takes up so much less room in my laundry area cleans My clothes just as well as anything I have used before. I do use dryer balls but the clothes come out soft anyway. I'll never go back to liquid"
"I've had mine for about 1 week - no complaints so far. One advantage not noted: these are great for old citizens who can't lift heavy bottles of liquid detergent."
Zero smell and Hypoallergenic
This product works great! It is especially good for sensitive skin.....and it was highly appreciated by my allergic German Shepherd who cannot tolerate the smell or feel of harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. - Elizabeth D.
Barbara G.
My boyfriend has very sensitive skin and I was a bit hesitant to subscribe. I am thankful that he also appreciates the clean, fragrance free results without any irritation whatsoever. Thank you for all you do for the Earth!
IThis fragrance free is perfect for my little one that’s suffers of very sensitive skin and eczema! A fragrance free detergent is perfect for him despite of being easy and simple to use it’s very effective. - Andrea M
Even gets the washing machine clean
My washing machine started to develop a funky, rotting smell. The area around the door would get mildew. The machine would stink, which would then transfer to our clothing.
Jared T.
My clothes smell amazing, I am happy that I was able to get rid of plastic. My machine smells better too and is spotless.
I used to put vinegar in the wash to try to get rid of the mildew. It worked, but it was a constant battle and the mildew often won. Not after I started using Earth Breeze. My clothes are not only spotless without any kind of smell, but the washing machine is clean and odor-free too. Which brings me to my final point.
Cardboard Packaging
Sensitive on Skin
Powerful Clean
We Stand By Our Product 100%
If you do not absolutely love Earth Breeze for any reason, simply email us and we will refund you.
Save the planet and experience a powerful clean. Make a difference today.
Now that you have been informed with the world's best eco friendly detergent. Let me tell you how easy it is to use. All you need to do is follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Order your Earth Breeze today and make sure to subscribe to save 40%.

Step 2: After receiving the product, place the detergent sheet in with the clothing. It will easily dissolve in hot or cold water

Step 3: Save the planet, donate detergent, and feel positive every time you do laundry.

Here's a tip: Know anyone who needs this product? I gifted it to 5 people already and they loved it. Everyone needs laundry detergent, so you can't go wrong.


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