Have you heard of sweater pilling? It happens to all my clothes, BUT here's how I fix it…
EXPOSING laundry detergent once and for all..
"Note: You will probably never use traditional laundry detergent again!"

Fixing pilling on sweaters can rejuvenate your favorite cozy garments. 

Here are steps to remove pilling:

Tools You'll Need:

- A fabric comb or a fabric shaver
- A razor (the kind you’d use on your skin, preferably a fresh one)
- A lint roller or tape

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Lay the Sweater Flat
Prepare a clean, flat surface and lay the sweater out. Make sure it's fully dry as handling wet or damp sweaters might cause more damage.

2. Use a Fabric Comb or Shaver
Gently run a fabric comb or shaver across the surface of the sweater. Do this in one direction to lift and cut the pills away. Fabric shavers are more efficient for heavy pilling, while combs are better for lighter pilling.

3. The Razor Method
For delicate sweaters, a manual razor can be used with caution. Gently drag the razor across the fabric, taking care not to press too hard to avoid cutting the sweater itself. This method requires patience and a gentle hand.

4. Clean Up
Use a lint roller or sticky tape to pick up the loose pills. Roll or pat over the sweater to make it clean and neat.

5. Hand Wash After De-Pilling
After removing pills, it’s a good idea to wash the sweater by hand gently. This helps to remove any loose fibers that could later form new pills. Use cold water and a mild detergent, then dry it according to the garment's instructions.

Prevention Tips:

- Turn sweaters inside out before washing.
- Use a gentle wash cycle or hand wash.
- Avoid overloading the washing machine.
- Dry flat to retain shape.
- Use a garment bag for extra protection during washing.

Regular maintenance and careful washing can significantly reduce pilling, keeping your sweaters looking newer for longer.

Bonus Tip:Ditch your traditional laundry detergent for good! 

No matter how much you love your laundry detergent, after reading this you might ditch it forever.

The detergent jug picture you see below is NOT photoshopped.

That is detergent residue under a black light, and it glows because of a chemicals called optical brighteners. 

Why does it glow, and why does it matter? 

Before you see why, here's a fair warning: you might run to your laundry room to ditch your laundry detergent after reading this.

But let's do a mini quiz first: which one of these is the best detergent option? 
  • Liquid Detergent

  • Capsules

  • Powder

Which one is the best? The answer is: None of them. There's something better. And here's why…

If you’re like most Americans you still use liquid laundry detergent.

But think about it for a moment, do you really like it? It’s super inconvenient, hard to carry, takes up too much space, it's a hassle to use, and easy to overuse… It can even pose a direct threat to the environment because of those huge plastic jugs... 

Those big colorful jugs that they come in may not even get recycled because 91% of plastic doesn’t get recycled. And bright-colored plastic is notoriously difficult to recycle. It's just making your household generate way more plastic waste than it has to. 

Did you know that bargain liquid detergents can be up to 80% water? Why are we paying for so much water? 

On top of that, you have to measure and pour these detergents which often leads to messy spills, overusing, and a waste of money and time. They’re also hard to carry and take up way too much space in my laundry room. 

If you’re using capsules you know that those can be a health hazard, because they have a history of being ingested by children and pets. They usually contain similar ingredients to the traditional liquid detergents. 

Powder detergents might seem like a good eco-friendly option, but they are incredibly inconvenient. Did you know that some powder detergents can put particles in the air that can be dangerous to inhale? It’s another option that I just wouldn’t want in my household. 

If you have sensitive skin, many traditional detergents contain chemicals like optical brighteners that can irritate your skin. Under special black light, these chemicals glow, just like in the first picture I showed you.

The list of problems is long, but what is the solution? We can’t just stop using laundry detergent. 

An American Company 
Saw This Long List Of Problems And Decided To Solve Them Once And For All With An Incredible Invention That Is Taking The Internet By Storm. 

It's so genius, that over 1,000,000 Americans already switched to this new way of doing laundry, but when I show you what it looks like your first reaction will be "There is no way that can clean my clothes!".

But here's the crazy part, this company is so confident that you will love their invention more than your old detergent, if you don't they give you a full refund - and you get to keep the product, no return necessary!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually see guarantees like that for cleaning products. So are you ready to see it? 

Here it is: 

No, It's Not A Dryer Sheet!

No, that is not a dryer sheet, that is a powerful dehydrated laundry detergent sheet, or simply "Eco Sheet". 

And while it looks tiny it packs a real punch. It uses something called “fast-dissolve” technology, so as soon as it touches the water inside your washer it turns into a powerful cleaning formula, to tackle tough stains and odors effectively. Some call it the detergent of the future.

Most people are skeptical when they first see it, but after trying it I was left speechless by the powerful clean. And it dissolves effortlessly in hot or cold water, and in any machine (even HE). But that’s not the only reason why millions are switching to these genius sheets.

It's super easy to use because every single sheet is pre-measured. You use half a sheet for regular loads, and a full sheet for big loads. One pack contains 30 sheets, so you can get 60 loads out of one pack! 
I love how much space it saves too, you can fit a year’s worth of these Eco Sheets in the corner of your cupboard and forget about laundry detergent for a whole year. 
But here is the best part.

Earth Breeze Eco Sheets come in earth-friendly cardboard packaging, which means you can say goodbye to those wasteful single-use plastic jugs. This might sound like a small thing, but over 500 million plastic jugs end up in landfills and oceans every year, if all of us used Earth Breeze we could stop so much waste. 
Try Earth Breeze RISK FREE! 
REMINDER: if you don’t LOVE IT MORE than your old detergent, you will get all of your money back, and you get to keep the product too. 

Special online offer: 
subscribe and save 40%. 
You’re Cleaning Up Beaches By Doing Your Laundry With Earth Breeze
This is my favorite part about Earth Breeze, they put their money where their mouth is. 

For every purchase they fund beach clean ups and do their part to help the planet beyond just helping stop plastic jugs from entering landfills and oceans. 

So every time I get a new pack I know I’m cleaning up beaches, how awesome is that? 
Every Time You Get Earth Breeze, You’re Helping Communities In Need.
Yes, whenever you place an order they donate 10 loads of their laundry detergent to a charitable cause of your choice. So when you’re at the checkout on their website make sure to select the charitable cause you want to support. 

Having clean laundry shouldn’t be a luxury, that’s why they support Women’s shelters, Homeless shelters, Veteran homes, animal shelters, and global relief. 
What Happens When You Order Earth Breeze Online?
When you place your order they will ship your Earth Breeze straight from their Oregon warehouse. The shipping is fast and free. 

And you might ask yourself why they have an online offer? It’s because it’s more convenient for you. You see, they have a subscription offer that you can tailor to your needs, so you get Earth Breeze exactly when you need it. You never have to lug those heavy detergent jugs back from the store again. 

And if you don’t like subscriptions, no worries - they offer one-time purchases too. 
Final Thoughts
Laundry is something that everyone on this planet has to do for the rest of their lives. Can you imagine the horrifying result if all of us continued using wasteful plastic jugs? Scientists say there’s gonna be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.

Earth Breeze is an easy solution to the jug problem, and it’s more convenient too, so give it a try today!

I know I will never switch back to my old detergent. 

What are Eco Sheets?

Earth Breeze Eco Sheets are liquidless detergent sheets that easily dissolve in hot or cold water to provide you a powerful clean.

Powerful Clean

Thousands of people have already switched to Earth Breeze. Why? Because of it's powerful formula. Read through the thousands of reviews below from customers testing the cleaning power.

Cardboard Packaging - No Plastic Jugs!

Earth Breeze comes in an earth friendly cardboard package instead of a wasteful single-use plastic jug! Cardboard is much more sustainable and eco-friendly than single-use plastic. Single-use plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose.

Save SO Much Space

We all know how messy and bulky traditional detergent is... Earth Breeze packaging is very lightweight and compact. You can free up a ton of space in your laundry room. What will you do with all that extra room?
Once You Try Eco Sheets You Will NEVER Want To Go Back To Traditional Laundry Detergent

  • Gives you a powerful clean

  • Cardboard packaging instead of plastic jug.

  • Dermatologist-tested and gentle to sensitive skin

  • Lightweight and space-saving

  • Convenient and time-saving

  • Pre-measured

  • Works in all machines and in hot or cold water

  • Get it shipped to your doorstep instead of lugging jugs around

  • Powerful clean

  • Cardboard packagin

    (No plastic jugs) 

  • Dermatologist-tested and Fragrance-Free version for sensitive skin

  • Lightweight and space-saving

  • Convenient and time-saving

  • Pre-measured 

    (no measuring, no mess)

  • Works in all machines and in hot or cold water

  • FREE shipping to your doorstep instead of lugging jugs around

  • Every purchase funds ocean clean-ups 

    (No extra cost to you)

  • Every purchase donates to a charitable cause 

    (No extra cost to you)

  • As low as 20 cents per load

  • You get 40% OFF only on their official website

These sheets dissolve easily in hot or cold water. 

And they work in all machines, HE included!

Cardboard Packaging - No Plastic Jugs! 

Earth Breeze comes in an earth friendly cardboard package instead of a wasteful single-use plastic jug! Cardboard is much more sustainable and eco-friendly than single-use plastic. Single-use plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose.

You Can Save SO Much Space!

Earth Breeze packaging is very lightweight and compact. You can free up a ton of space in your laundry room. What will you do with all that extra room? 

Removes The Toughest Stains

It may be shocking to know Eco Sheets deliver such a powerful clean. Why? Because it's super concentrated and will remove the toughest stains. 

What are consumers saying?
Michael E.
"We couldn't believe how one sheet gets our clothes so clean, so soft, and smelling so good."
"Love these laundry sheets and would highly recommend them 😁"
"These do a fantastic job. Perfect for everyone and you don't have to lug around heavy detergent bottles or worry about the bottles spilling and there is NO WASTE!"
"I have been using Earth Breeze for a while And I love it! Takes up so much less room in my laundry area cleans My clothes just as well as anything I have used before. I do use dryer balls but the clothes come out soft anyway. I'll never go back to liquid"
"I've had mine for about 1 week - no complaints so far. One advantage not noted: these are great for old citizens who can't lift heavy bottles of liquid detergent."
Try Earth Breeze RISK FREE! 
REMINDER: if you don’t LOVE IT MORE than your old detergent, you will get all of your money back, and you get to keep the product too. 

Special online offer: 
subscribe and save 40%. 
We Stand By Our Product 100%
If you do not absolutely love Earth Breeze for any reason, simply email us and we will refund you.


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